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Waterloo disaster recovery

After a loss in Waterloo or elsewhere, a professional inspection is necessary to assess the extent of the damage. If you live in this region, Ventilo Exp’Air offers this service. Find out which parts of your home are inspected after a loss?

Air conditioning

The purpose of this inspection is to determine whether the air-conditioning unit has suffered any damage. Damage can be physical, electrical or mechanical. Check that all components are in good working order. From coils and motors to fans and electrical circuits. The check ensures that no short-circuits or other problems have been caused by the loss. You should also check that the air ducts have not been blocked or damaged.

Heating system

This control includes heat pumps. This involves assessing any damage to the outdoor and indoor units. We inspect electrical components, compressors, heat exchangers and refrigeration circuits. These components should be intact and in working order. Exposure to water or debris can cause operating and safety problems.

Ventilation ducts

Ventilation ducts must not be obstructed, damaged or contaminated by debris or mould. Flooding can cause deformation and corrosion. A thorough inspection determines the need for cleaning, repair or replacement. It’s important to ensure adequate circulation and good indoor air quality.

Air exchangers

After a disaster, it’s essential to check that the exchangers are working properly. We check that they are not damaged, blocked or contaminated. Components exposed to moisture must be thoroughly dried. This prevents mold growth.