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Bacteriological analysis

Bacteriological analyses are samples taken from the ventilation system and sent to the laboratory for enumeration of yeasts, molds, negative grams and aerobic and anaerobic heterotrophic bacteria. If necessary, the identification of bacteria can be performed.

When should bacteriological analysis be carried out?

Did you know that ventilation ducts are a place where different bacteria and molds are likely to grow? Indeed, it is an environment deprived of sunlight, humid, and in which animal and plant debris are likely to accumulate.

With the presence of dust, mold and other allergens, the air that occupants breathe becomes contaminated, which often leads to various illnesses. Thus, it is important to carry out a bacteriological analysis in the following cases.

When buying a new home

When you buy a new house, it is essential to carry out a bacteriological analysis before moving in. Indeed, it is a precautionary measure allowing you to determine the possible pathogens present in the air which could harm your health and that of your family. This initiative is strongly recommended in the case of a relatively old dwelling.

When the ventilation ducts have not been used for many months

It is also advisable to carry out a bacteriological analysis of your ducts if they have not been used for a long time. Specifically, if you have not turned on the air exchange system, molds, yeasts and other allergens will have an environment conducive to their development. Before restarting the exchangers, it is important to analyze the ducts. This is also the case for your vacation homes that you have not occupied for many months.

When the air is likely to be contaminated

Finally, it is crucial to carry out a bacteriological analysis of the ventilation ducts when the occupants develop respiratory diseases or unusual allergies. Indeed, if, after analyzing all the external elements, the source of the pathology has still not been determined, it is necessary to take a close look at the air they breathe at home.