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Ventilation cleaning after renovations

It is very important to have the ventilation ducts sanitized after the work is completed.

Dust (e.g., drywall, flooring, joint pulling) enters the ducts and is distributed throughout the house. The dust caused by the plaster is very fine and it manages to pass through the filter. Be aware that these types of contaminants are very dangerous to your health. For example: lung disease and gypsum dust: carcinogenic and possibly fatal.

Why is it important to properly clean vents after renovations?

It is possible that you will have to carry out more or less important renovation work in your house: replacement of the floor, the ceiling, the knocking down of certain walls to gain space…

All this work generates dust and other particles that can be harmful to health. In general, the service providers in charge of the work take care of cleaning the rooms and the interior of the house, but forget the ventilation ducts. However, all this dust will settle there and once the air exchangers are restarted, it will be directly inhaled by the occupants.

This is one of the main reasons why it is essential to carry out a thorough cleaning of the ventilation after renovation work.

How do you clean vents after renovations?

As the ventilation ducts are narrow and stretch for many meters, it is not possible to carry out the cleaning work yourself. It would take adequate equipment and specific know-how to be able to carry them out.

It is also necessary to choose the right service provider who will be able to remove dust particles down to the smallest square centimeters. Most of the time, the work is poorly completed beyond a few meters, the material being lacking.

At Ventilo Exp’Air, we have suction nozzles with high suction capacity capable of completely dislodging debris and dust embedded in the walls of the ducts. For work requiring precision and in narrow areas, we deploy a remote-controlled robot equipped with a nozzle specially designed to clean in depth.

Sending a technician directly into the ducts would be too dangerous, which is why we provide you with this practical and sophisticated gadget for a neat and professional job.