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Mold decontamination in Valcourt

When mold spreads throughout a home, it becomes imperative to consider decontamination. As well as posing a risk to human health, these fungi can compromise the structure of a building. Would you like to get rid of this problem for good? At Ventilo Exp’air, we have the solution for professional and satisfying results.

When should I call in a specialist for decontamination?

You may already have tried various methods to eliminate mold. You have cleaned the infected areas and used various products. But unfortunately, the problem persists and can even grow. In such situations, it makes sense to call in an expert. This helps limit the damage. Here are some examples of situations where it is essential to take precautions:

  • The color of the mold turns black, which means that the fungi have become toxic;
  • Building occupants develop mold-related health problems such as respiratory irritation, allergies and skin disorders;
  • The contaminated areas extend to cover more than a square meter;
  • You can’t pinpoint the source of the moisture that’s causing fungal growth.

Contact us for an intervention in Valcourt

Mould causes damage that must be kept under control at all costs. The health of occupants and the integrity of the building structure are at stake. Our expertise covers a wide range of building types. Residential, commercial, industrial, agri-food and institutional.

Our team has the know-how and skills needed to manage mold. Whatever their degree of toxicity. We apply the appropriate methods, taking into account the fungi’s life cycle. All in compliance with current standards. Contact us to find out more.