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Dust level test (gravimetric measurement)

Dust level tests or NADCA tests are performed to verify the dust level in the ventilation systems.

This type of test is often requested during new construction to ensure that the installed ducts are clean and have not been affected by dust generated by the construction work.

The importance of gravimetric measurement

Carrying out a dust level test can be advantageous on many occasions and in various situations. Here are some cases where it is important to use this method.

Determine the level of duct fouling in a newly purchased property

If you have just acquired a property, it is difficult to know the real state of the ducts, their frequency of cleaning and maintenance. In order to guarantee the quality of the air that you will breathe in the house, it is important to carry out a gravimetric measurement. You can then decide if it is necessary to carry out a complete cleaning or if this task can wait.

Measure the level of dust in the ducts following a renovation or a new construction

Generally, when you do heavy work in your house, dust is released in relatively high quantities. The same is true when building a new house. This generated dust will disperse everywhere, even in the ventilation ducts. It is important to measure its level to judge the quality of the air circulating there.

An excellent alternative to robotic visual inspection

Gravimetric measurement is an alternative to robotic visual inspection. Both methods consist in determining the level of clogging of the ducts and can be complementary. The use of the robot allows an in-depth visual inspection, while gravimetry makes it possible to obtain quantified and precise data.

Detection of the various allergenic or toxic agents present in the ducts

Finally, by taking a gravimetric measurement, it is possible to detect the different particles found in your ducts. Generally, there is not only dust and allergenic and potentially toxic agents can become embedded in it. This method allows them to be identified for complete and adequate cleaning.