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Cleaning of ventilation ducts

Normally the supply grilles (diffusers) are located on the floor near the sources of temperature change.

For example, near windows and/or doors. So the dirt falls into the grids. As for the air grills, they are located either in the corridors or behind the room doors. The job of these ducts is to draw in air and distribute it to the system. This means that house dust comes into direct contact with the ducts and the system, and then returns to the supply grilles. Please note that even with the filter, dust will accumulate in the supply lines over the years.

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Specific equipment for complete cleaning

At Ventilo Exp’Air, we have a special dust extraction machine capable of completely sucking up the dirt embedded in your air ducts. The machine is mounted directly to our truck and it will be connected to your conduit via a large nozzle. The power of the machine is such that it is capable of producing 16,000 CFM at maximum rpm. It can rotate for 8 hours in a row to ensure optimal cleaning.

Thanks to our high-speed suction machine, we can work on any type of building, regardless of the complexity or surface area of ​​the ducts to be cleaned. In addition, we carry out a visual inspection inside the ducts using a remote-controlled robot equipped with a camera to guarantee their complete cleanliness.

Professionalism provided by our team

Our team of professional cleaners demonstrate thoroughness and professionalism when working in your home, business premises, office or factory. Indeed, the technicians make sure to cover each piece of furniture and appliance with a protective film to prevent dust from settling there when vacuuming the ducts.

We also make sure to seal each air vent with plastic film. This minimizes the risk of dust escaping there and covering all the parts inside. By closing all these outlets, the suction process is also optimized, since no opening in the ducts interferes with the ducts.

Thorough cleaning of sensitive duct areas

Certain areas in particular are difficult to clean by the nozzle. These include corners and ventilation grilles where dust will settle on the corners or at the level of the grilles. For this, we use a specific material. It is a small pipe expelling air at high pressure and whose end is equipped with PVC tentacles.

These kinds of tentacles are very flexible and move in all directions under the impetus of the high pressure air coming out of the small nozzle. They will rub against the grid or the walls of the auxiliary ducts and at the corners to effectively remove stubborn dust. This system is several meters long, which allows us to intervene in large areas.