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Dryer vent cleaning

Dryers are one of the tools used daily in the various households whose maintenance is often underestimated.

Repetitive dryer cycles lead to the accumulation of lint and foam which can cause many long-term problems, including the reduction of dryer-related fire hazards that can cause extensive damage to your home.

There are several indicators that dryer vents need cleaning. These indicators include when wash loads take longer to dry, when the dryer fuse burns out quickly, or when the dryer’s outside vent is clogged with lint.

Regular dryer vent maintenance also has several benefits including reduced electricity costs when running your dryer and reduced drying time for your clothes. In order to clean dryer vents, our specialists insert a rod into your vents to dislodge debris in the vents.

Particularly important preventive cleaning

Although we don’t often talk about cleaning dryer ducts, this task is of paramount importance to the integrity of your home. Indeed, over the course of its use, your dryer will tend to accumulate lint in its ducts. This accumulation will gradually cause the device to overheat, then damage the thermal safety fuse. There is therefore a risk of fire.

In Canada, there are a large number of fires caused by neglecting the cleaning of dryer ducts. This shows how essential this task is and that it is imperative to consider doing it periodically.

Undeniable benefits for cleaning your dryer ducts

Besides preventing fire hazards in your home, cleaning your dryer ducts regularly has many other benefits. For example, you optimize the efficiency of your appliance, which reduces the drying time of your laundry. This is felt by a reduction in your energy expenditure, which allows you to save on your bills.

Second, you maximize the longevity of your dryer by cleaning it regularly. When you unclog the ducts of the lint that accumulates there, you avoid it overheating, therefore reducing the life of its components.

What are the signs that your dryer needs cleaning?

There are many signs that appear that your dryer needs service. Among the most visible signs is the drying time of the laundry, which is becoming longer and longer. At the end of the drying cycle, the clothes are warmer than usual, a heat caused by overheating.

If the outside damper of the dryer also shows signs of malfunction, the dryer needs maintenance. Finally, it is possible that the dryer is hotter to the touch or there is a lot of debris in the air vent of the appliance.