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Granby disaster recovery

Disaster can happen at any time, to anyone. It could be a fire, flood or other disaster. After such an event, it’s imperative to take action. This includes inspection and cleaning of ventilation ducts. If you live in the Granby area, you can call on us to carry out this task.

Duct inspection
After you have contacted us, we send our experts to the site to assess the extent of the damage caused by the loss. This inspection will determine the severity of debris and contaminants accumulated in the air ducts. That’s how we’ll know exactly what work needs to be done, how much it will cost and how long it will take.

Cleaning and repair

The next step is to clean the ducts. This involves the removal of debris, ash, soot and other particles resulting from the disaster. This is crucial to prevent the spread of contaminants throughout the building.

Once the debris has been removed, our team will disinfect the air ducts. This operation eliminates bacteria and mold. Any other pathogens that may have developed in the affected areas will be treated.

If necessary, the ducts will be thoroughly cleaned using special equipment. This requires the use of special equipment. High-powered vacuum cleaners and rotating brushes are used to remove contaminants adhering to internal walls.

Advice and verification

After major cleaning work, we check the condition of the ducts. This will enable us to spot any problems that may require repair. That’s how we keep an eye out for cracks and deformations. Our experts can also offer you a range of advice. Everything is done to optimize air quality, maintain your ducts and prevent debris build-up.