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Cleaning of air exchangers

The air exchangers have 2 external ventilation ducts. The functionality of one of these ducts is to draw in outside air and project it into the house.

The other duct is for exhausting stale air from the house to the outside. So in the pollen season, the allergens enter directly into the house and the dust outside comes into contact with the system immediately. There are also insects that come into play. For example, spiders, ants and bees. Despite the low use of air exchangers, there is always a low airflow to promote air circulation. This circulation of air through the system over time causes clogging of the ducts which can reduce the efficiency of the units. Therefore, timely maintenance of the facilities is also required.

Inside the house, there is normally a fresh air supply grille in each bedroom or in the basement. It is therefore important to clean the ventilation ducts regularly, as you breathe this air on a daily basis. There are also exhaust grilles in the house, regularly located in the hallways or in the bathrooms.

Why clean your air exchangers regularly?

The main function of air exchangers is to remove “used” air circulating inside a house while injecting “new” air from outside. The device is equipped with a terminal dedicated to filtering and purifying the outside air in order to improve its quality before distributing it in all the rooms of the house.

Over time, the ducts of the exchangers accumulate dirt from inside the house, but especially from the outside. These can be dust particles, insects and other dirt.

The main importance of regular cleaning of your air exchangers is to ensure that the quality of the air injected into the house is always optimal. As dirt collects in the ducts, the air quality is increasingly compromised.

Then, it is important to clean your air exchangers in order to guarantee their optimal functioning. If the ducts and fans are too dirty, they risk poor air circulation.

Can you clean your air exchangers yourself?

If you are not a professional, you will only be able to clean a tiny part of your air exchangers. Indeed, a deep cleaning of the ducts requires specific tools and know-how and a certain experience. You will be able to remove dust from the air intake and push grilles without being able to go far into the ducts. This is the reason why it is better to entrust this task to an expert.

At Ventilo Exp’Air, we have a range of sophisticated equipment designed to dislodge the smallest particle of dust in your ducts. We have a remote-controlled robot that will embed itself in depth to clean every square centimeter.

Thanks to our services, you ensure optimal air quality for a long time, which is a guarantee of health. We carry out fast, meticulous, neat and guaranteed work.