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Robotic and visual inspection of ventilation grids

The inspection of a ventilation system allows us to determine the state of health and the repairs to be made in the ventilation unit as well as throughout the network.

The dust level is determined according to the IRSST (Institut de Recherche Robert-Sauvé en Santé et en Sécurité du Travail). The technician will also check the condition of the soundproofing and will recommend the application of a sealant or replacement if necessary. The inspection is used to establish the cleaning frequency of the ventilation system.

The use of the robot for inspection, an undeniable advantage

It is almost impossible for a technician to sneak inside the ventilation ducts to inspect every square centimeter. However, this inspection task must be carried out in depth to ensure that the cleaning is carried out as it should.

It is for this reason that we decided to use a remote-controlled robot that will slip into the entrance to the ducts and walk around inside. Our robot is quite small, light and has wheels allowing it to overcome any obstacle. Thus, he will be able to inspect every corner of your ventilation system in order to detect any defect, wear and level of health.

The advantage with our inspection robot is that it is possible to attach a small nozzle propelling high-pressure air, which allows it to complete cleaning tasks in inaccessible areas.

The end of this nozzle has small PVC tentacles that project in all directions under the effect of the pressure of the air sent. This effectively dislodges dust embedded in the walls of the ducts.

How does our robot work?

The operation of our remote-controlled robot is relatively simple. It is connected to a control computer via long cables that can be several tens of meters long. It is from this computer that the technician will manipulate it remotely and observe the ducts.

A camera is mounted on the robot. This allows the technician to direct the robot and inspect the ventilation ducts. The robot is also equipped with a powerful flashlight to illuminate the ducts with precision.

It is possible to mount arms on the robot or a duct cleaning nozzle system. It has been specially designed to operate in areas inaccessible to technicians, hence its versatility and autonomy.