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Mold Prevention and Treatment

In order to avoid mold, we observe the elements that promote the development of mold.

For a mold development, we must find the following 3 elements: spores (reproductive cells of bacteria), debris and water (moisture). The cleaning intervenes on one of the 3 essential elements of mold growth, by removing debris inside the ventilation system.

In the event of the presence of mold in the ventilation ducts, we must proceed with the treatment. When treating for mold, the affected area is cleaned or removed in the case of a section with sound insulation and a bactericide is applied in the ventilation system. There are several types of bactericides/fungicides. Ventilo Exp’Air uses a bactericide/fungicide recognized by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association and approved by Health Canada.

What factors accelerate mold growth in ventilation ducts?

Molds grow mainly in humid places, sheltered from sunlight and are favored by the presence of organic debris. Thus, mold is more likely to grow in your ventilation ducts when these conditions are met.

Overall, the chances of seeing these conditions met are increased when your ducts are severely lacking in maintenance and cleaning. Various debris become encrusted there and with the humidity and darkness that reign there, mold does not take long to appear.

Another condition that favors the appearance of mold is the non-use of your air exchangers for long periods, especially in winter. Indeed, with the absence of a constant flow of air, mold will accelerate its growth.

How to spot and treat mold?

The only way to detect mold in the ventilation ducts is to inspect them, especially if the exchangers have not been used for a long time or if you have just acquired a new house. If your ducts are regularly cleaned and maintained, the chances that mold has developed there are very low.

When mold is localized, it must be eliminated by cleaning the infected area. The use of bactericide remains one of the most effective methods. If the mold has touched an insulator, it must be replaced.

Ventilo Exp’Air, your expert for treating mold

If you notice mold in your ducts or if the air coming out of them smells musty, call us right away to get rid of these harmful bacteria. At Ventilo Exp’Air, we perform a full inspection of all your ducts to detect any mold.

We use specific equipment as well as ranges of bactericide and fungicide approved by Health Canada and recognized by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Our products are effective and harmless to your health and that of your children.