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Preventive maintenance of systems

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Call us for a preventive maintenance contract for the system. It is important to change the filters at least every 3 months.

Why is it important to carry out preventive maintenance on your ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems?

Preventive maintenance is a step you should not take lightly for several reasons. It consists of replacing elements of the ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems which are in a state of advanced wear, but which are not yet faulty or damaged.

Preventive maintenance is important insofar as it makes it possible to continuously guarantee the proper functioning of the devices. By preventing breakdowns, your systems will be able to fulfill their role throughout the year.

Through preventive maintenance, your air conditioning, ventilation and heating devices also benefit from optimal longevity. Indeed, if you wait for failures to appear before replacing worn parts, the problems can affect the life of other components, or even the entire system. This is the case, for example, of overheating.

Finally, by performing periodic preventive maintenance, your ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems will always operate at maximum efficiency. No worn parts are present in your devices, which prevents them from having weak links that can reduce their efficiency.

When should preventive maintenance be performed?

Any preventive maintenance is usually preceded by a thorough inspection of each component of your air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. In other words, a prior inspection must be organized to determine the parts to be changed, since no breakdown is yet apparent at this stage.

As for the frequency of inspections, it depends on the device you use and the intensity of its use. A heat pump operating almost 9 months out of 12 will be inspected more often than an air conditioning system that is only turned on 3 months out of the year.