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Furnace cleaning (central heat pumps)

Regular cleaning of the furnace system (central heat pump) reduces the risk of premature wear and tear on the ventilation equipment in your home.

The maintenance allows the verification of all the installations such as the filters, the ducts and the ventilator to guarantee a better quality of the air. The proper functioning and durability of your equipment are determined by the quality of the maintenance performed on your heat pump. In addition to the monthly maintenance of your heat pump filters, it is recommended to perform a complete inspection of the heat pump annually to ensure efficient and optimal performance.

The ventilation system is the lungs of the house. It is this system that distributes the heated and/or cooled air in the house. It is therefore important to clean the system at the same time as the ducts. When only the system is cleaned, the dust remaining in the ducts will be relocated inside the system. When only the ducts are cleaned, but the system is not properly cleaned, the dust from the system returns to the ducts. Therefore, it is important at the time of maintenance to do a complete and turnkey maintenance.

Why is it important to have your furnace system serviced?

Maintaining and cleaning your furnaces is an important task for several reasons. First of all, it is during this process that professionals have the opportunity to check the condition of the parts that ensure its operation, namely filters, fans and the integrity of the ducts.

By detecting any minimal anomaly before the appearance of a malfunction, you guarantee optimal longevity of your device. In addition, thanks to regular maintenance and cleaning, your central heat pump will be able to operate at its full capacity.

How do you know your furnace needs maintenance and cleaning?

Different signs indicate that your furnace should undergo maintenance and cleaning. One of the clues that should alert you is when the heat pump gets louder and louder.

Another sign is the increase in your energy expenditure, therefore the increase in your bills. This is also felt by the difficulty of the heat pump to properly heat the entire house. Finally, a lot of fog forms at the level of the windows and the air becomes of poor quality, increasing the risk of allergy.

Why trust us with your furnace cleaning?

At Ventilo Exp’Air, we offer complete maintenance and cleaning services for your furnaces. Our technicians are responsible for thoroughly inspecting each element that makes up your central heat pump in order to detect any possible wear.

In addition to carrying out a complete cleaning of your furnaces according to the rules, we check the filters and replace them if necessary. Thanks to our services, you will no longer have to worry about the efficiency of your heat pumps and all your air supply and exhaust duct systems. Live more peacefully in a more comfortable and livable home.