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Disaster recovery in Valcourt

Has a disaster left any damage to your home? It is imperative to undertake rehabilitation work to remedy the damage. Every part of the building will be thoroughly inspected. This step helps determine the appropriate treatment measures. Ventilation duct cleaning, preventive system maintenance, mold prevention and treatment. We can help you restore your property to its former glory.

What to do after a disaster in Valcourt

Renovation is essential to preserve your property and recover some of the damaged materials. Restoring some of the damage is even becoming a priority to guarantee your safety and well-being on a daily basis. Here are a few essential jobs to consider:

  • Air exchanger cleaning: This operation is designed to preserve or restore the quality of the air circulating in the building;
  • Dealing with rust: It is imperative to remedy this phenomenon, as it accelerates the deterioration of the ventilation system;
  • Mould removal: It is essential to get rid of mould, as it can lead to health problems;
  • Treatment of ventilation ducts: Ducts need to be dust-free to maintain air quality in indoor spaces.

Free quotation for your project

Submit your disaster recovery project to us free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details. We’ll be happy to advise you if you don’t yet know what work your home needs. In fact, our trained and qualified technicians can carry out an on-site inspection to determine the services best suited to the damage. Their areas of expertise cover a wide range of building types. Private homes, factories, commercial premises or offices. We are committed to doing a meticulous, professional job that complies with the relevant standards.