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Disaster recovery in Orford

Whether you’re an individual or a professional, a disaster can happen quickly in Orford, causing damage to your property or commercial building. If, after such an event, you’d like to carry out a survey to assess the damage, Ventilo Exp’Air is fully equipped to offer you our services. We offer comprehensive, customized services to restore your building after a disaster.

Damage inspection
Our team performs a thorough inspection of your building. Our technicians will assess the damage caused by the loss. The following items will be checked:

  • Air-conditioning system ;
  • Heating system ;
  • Ventilation ducts ;
  • Air exchangers ;
  • Various components.

We’ll also be on the lookout for mold or moisture-related contaminants.


After the inspection, we’ll implement a targeted cleaning plan to remove any dirt, debris or contaminants left behind by the disaster. This can include thorough cleaning of air conditioning systems, ventilation ducts and other affected equipment.

Air quality analysis

We will carry out in-depth analyses to assess indoor air quality. To achieve this, we will carry out bacteriological tests. The aim is to detect the presence of bacteria, mold and other potentially harmful contaminants. We make sure the air you breathe is safe and healthy.

Tips for maintaining ventilation ducts

Once we’ve ensured the cleanliness and functionality of your ventilation systems, we’ll provide you with practical advice. Our recommendations include regular maintenance of your flues. You need to take action to maintain the optimum performance of your systems. Vigilance helps prevent future problems, as well as ensuring good air circulation.

Professional intervention

At Ventilo Exp’Air, we understand the importance of a safe, clean and comfortable indoor environment. Our team operates with professionalism and rigor. We are always attentive to your needs.