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Disaster recovery at Domaine-Richard

Post-disaster damage requires rapid repair. In particular, to prevent the situation from worsening. It’s important to call in the experts. At Ventilo Exp’Air, we have precisely the skills required to carry out the work in compliance with current standards. Also, this intervention is generally required by insurance companies.

A claims adjuster at Domaine-Richard
Do you live in Domaine-Richard, Granby, and are you looking for a claims adjuster? You can call on us for post-disaster assessments. But also for the following repair work:

  • Decontamination ;
  • Asbestos removal;
  • Air purification ;
  • Water drying and dehumidification;
  • Partial or total destruction ;
  • Renovations.

The advantages of working with us

At Ventilo Exp’Air, we offer quality services. Our qualified technicians are at your disposal. So what sets us apart from other post-disaster experts on the market?

  1. Our experts are serious and meticulous. Our main objective is your satisfaction. We make sure we offer effective solutions to every problem. Our technicians can also answer any questions you may have. In all cases, we always meet the estimated deadlines.
  2. Our prices are among the most competitive on the market.
  3. We process your requirements quickly, i.e. in less than 24 hours.
  4. We have over 15 years’ experience in the field.
  5. We are covered by public liability insurance.
  6. Telephone estimates are free of charge.

Your claims adjuster in Domaine-Richard

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a disaster recovery expert in Domaine-Richard. Or if you just want information about our services. And remember! When you call on us, you’re supporting a local company. In fact, we’re a family-run, 100% Quebec company.