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What is a dust level test?


Over time, dust tends to accumulate in the ventilation ducts of your home. It is therefore necessary to measure the level of dust in order to guarantee air quality and preserve the health of the occupants all year long. But what is this dust level measurement? Find out everything you need to know about this process.

Définition du test de niveau de poussière

A dust level test or gravimetric test is a process that measures the amount of dust that has accumulated in the ventilation ducts. By taking a sample, the specialists perform analyses to provide precise data on the level of fouling of the ducts as well as other useful information such as the determination of the presence of pathogens or not.

Pourquoi tester le niveau de poussière ?

A dust level test is critically important for several reasons.

·      Déterminer l’état d’encrassement des conduits

Ventilation ducts are used to circulate air from the outside to the inside of the house and back again. This air carries different particles such as dust. This will accumulate in the ducts and over the years, the ducts will become completely clogged.

With gravimetric measurement, you will be able to determine how dirty your ducts are without having to do a robotic inspection in the most difficult to access areas.

·      Trouver d’éventuels agents pathogènes dans les conduits

It’s not just dust that collects in the ducts. Pollutants and allergens may also be present. Mould can also develop in the ducts if there is high humidity. It is thanks to the gravimetric measurement that you can identify the pathogens in your pipes and take the corresponding measures.

·      Déterminer la qualité de l’air dans la maison

Through the gravimetric measurement, it is also possible to determine the quality of the air circulating in the house. By measuring dust levels and identifying potential pathogens in the ducts, specialists can determine how healthy or unhealthy the air may be and how dangerous it is for the occupants.

Quand effectuer une mesure gravimétrique ?

As you can see, measuring dust levels is important. But when should you perform a gravimetric measurement of your home’s ducts?

·      Avant de s’installer dans une maison neuve ou entièrement rénovée

It is a misconception that a new home has completely clean and healthy ventilation ducts. Indeed, finishing work done in the house can cause dust and dirt to accumulate in the ducts.

Similarly, after a major renovation in your home, it is necessary to perform a gravimetric measurement to ensure that dust has not accumulated in the ducts.

·      Avant d’emménager dans une maison récemment achetée

If you have just purchased a home that was previously lived in, you should consider taking a gravity measurement. The reason is equally simple: it’s hard to get an idea of how dirty the ducts are before you move in, even if the previous owners say they are clean.

·      Avant de vivre dans une maison longtemps inhabitée

If you are planning to move into or stay in a house that has been uninhabited for a long time, it is strongly recommended that you take a gravimetric measurement before you leave your bags. It is very likely that massive amounts of dust have accumulated in the ducts and that mold has developed.

Au cas où les occupants présentent des symptômes similaires de maladie

When you notice that the occupants of the house are getting sick in the same way, especially with symptoms of respiratory problems, a gravimetric measurement should be done as soon as possible. Symptoms may include coughing, colds, difficulty breathing, or headaches.

Quelles mesures prendre après avoir effectué ce test ?

Once you have received the test results, it is time to take action.

·      Que faire en cas de niveau élevé d’encrassement ?

In this case, a thorough cleaning of your entire ductwork is required. It will also be necessary to inspect if any areas are damaged and need repair.

·      Que faire en cas de niveau faible d’encrassement ?

If the fouling level is low, you have two options. You can either ask the professionals to clean the entire ductwork right away to give you peace of mind for the next few months, or you can schedule the cleaning for later based on the specialists’ recommendations.

·      Que faire en cas de présence d’agents pathogènes ?

If your ducts have pathogens such as mold, specific measures should be taken to eradicate them completely. It will also be necessary to inspect certain sensitive areas of the house (wooden structures in the attic, the cellar, the bathroom and the insulation) to see if mould has already developed there.

À qui faire appel pour effectuer le test de niveau d’encrassement ?

Performing a gravimetric measurement requires know-how, experience and precise equipment. For these reasons, you cannot do it yourself. You need to hire professional duct cleaners who offer a dust level measurement service. The samples must be brought back to the laboratory for analysis and the results are sent to you as soon as possible.

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