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The dangers of not cleaning your ventilation ducts


Ventilation ducts allow air to circulate throughout a building. Its quality will depend greatly on the level of cleanliness of the ducts, hence the importance of always ensuring that they are not clogged with dirt. Find out what the likely dangers are of not cleaning your ventilation ducts.

Une humidité trop importante

The ventilation ducts lead directly to the outside to allow air exchange from inside the house. As a result, the openings are exposed to the weather, especially rain. Over time, moisture will accumulate in the ducts. With the entire area shielded from light, this moisture will have a hard time draining away. Without cleaning and maintenance, it will start to attack the structure which will weaken your ducts.

Une accumulation d‘agents allergènes

Dust and dust mites tend to be airborne and accumulate in ventilation ducts. If you neglect to clean them regularly, these allergens can be found in excessive quantities throughout your home, affecting the health of the occupants.

Probabilité de développer de la moisissure

Humidity and lack of natural light in the ducts are conditions conducive to the development of mold. However, these small mushrooms can very quickly attack hypersensitive people and cause more or less serious respiratory problems. In addition, mold tends to grow quickly throughout the ductwork, and can even invade the house.

Présence de rongeurs

Dark areas that are not cleaned regularly are places that rodents of all kinds like to live and roam. Rats in particular are the most damaging. If you don’t maintain your ducts for a long time, it’s likely that they will take hold and even find a way to invade your home. This can be a tricky situation, since rat poisoners can disperse chemicals throughout the house through the air.

Présence d’agents toxiques dans l’air intérieur

The air outside contains various toxic chemicals, such as carbon monoxide from car exhausts. Over time, these compounds can build up in the ductwork, especially if filters are not replaced periodically. Eventually, they will find their way into homes, causing problems for those who are most sensitive to them.

Conséquences sur la santé

Poor air quality can lead to many health problems for the occupants. Here are the most frequently encountered.

Problèmes respiratoires

Respiratory problems are most common when air quality is impaired. Pathogens usually attack the lungs, since air is drawn directly into them. It can range from simple coughing to total asphyxiation, especially if the occupants suffer from asthma.

Allergies et irritations

Various allergies and irritations may also occur. Eczema, various skin rashes, itching and other signs on the skin and eyes may be apparent.

Maux de tête et étourdissement

Finally, headaches and dizziness can occur if highly toxic chemicals are in the air. If people who are hypersensitive to these agents stay in the house too long, they may even end up losing consciousness.

Comment reconnaître que les conduits sont trop sales ?

There are various signs that can alert you to the healthiness of your ventilation ducts, especially if you have not cleaned them in a long time.

Les occupants développent des problèmes de santé

If the occupants of the house develop symptoms such as colds, coughs, respiratory problems or dizziness at the same time or successively, it is surely due to the quality of the air they breathe in the house. More often than not, it becomes obvious when they feel fine when they are outside, but only show these symptoms when they are inside the house.

Des bruits bizarres dans les conduits

Strange noises such as animals running through the ventilation ducts indicate that rodents have probably taken up residence there. This shows that your ducts have not been cleaned for a long time, to the point that rats have found a home there. Don’t waste a single second and take the necessary measures to prevent them from invading your entire property. Cracking noises may also indicate that moisture has affected the walls of the ducts. Expect repair costs to vary.

De la poussière qui s’accumule facilement dans la maison

Ducts are used to circulate air from the outside to the inside of the house and vice versa. Normally, filters are used to purify the incoming air. But when the ducts are too dirty, dirt and dust end up going directly into the rooms. If you notice that your furniture is getting dusty too quickly, the ducts may be clogged with dust. It’s time for a big cleanup.

Comment nettoyer vos conduits de ventilation ?

Cleaning ventilation ducts is a delicate, dangerous and hazardous task. It’s tricky in that you have to make sure you’ve cleaned every nook and cranny while you’re in a confined space. It is dangerous, since you don’t know what agents and harmful substances you are exposing yourself to, especially if you don’t have adequate protective equipment. Finally, it is risky, since you don’t know what kind of animals and insects you will have to deal with once in the ducts.

For all these reasons, it is strongly advised to leave this kind of task to a specialized professional. Not only does he have the necessary know-how, but he also has the required equipment. A professional will be able to thoroughly clean your ducts, get rid of mold and detect any alterations.

Want some good advice? Have your ventilation ducts inspected regularly to prevent problems from building up before they do. Not only will you not have to incur expensive costs, but you will not be putting the health of the occupants at risk.