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Should you regularly clean your air ducts?


Air ducts or ventilation ducts play an important role in a house. They allow for optimal air circulation throughout the house. But did you know that they need regular cleaning to perform their function all year round? Find out why you should clean them more often and how this task should be performed.

Pourquoi faut-il nettoyer vos conduits de ventilation ?

There are several important, even vital, reasons why you should clean your ventilation ducts regularly. Here they are.

Préserver les occupants des risques d’allergies

The air circulating through the ducts will be directly inhaled by the occupants of the house. We all know that the air coming from outside is of poor quality, since it is polluted and carries various allergens. If you neglect to clean your ducts, these different agents will accumulate in them and the

filters will no longer be able to retain them. In the end, you will end up with contaminated air throughout the house, which will cause allergies to the occupants, especially those who are the most sensitive.

Lutter contre l’apparition de moisissure

Mould is a phenomenon that tends to appear in ventilation ducts. These microscopic fungi thrive in damp, dark areas. Your ducts accumulate moisture from condensation and rain, and they are not lit.

By regularly cleaning every corner of your ventilation ducts, you can prevent mold from growing in them. The real danger with mold is that it is a vector for various respiratory diseases that can be potentially fatal.

Faire circuler de l’air sain dans la maison

Breathing clean air is vital to your health. One of the roles of ventilation ducts coupled with HVAC units is to distribute healthy air throughout the house. Thus, the air that enters from outside passes through different filters to be purified and decontaminated to ensure the health of the occupants. By cleaning your ducts regularly, you ensure that every last particle of dirt is removed and that you breathe completely clean air.

Optimiser le fonctionnement et la longévité des appareils CVC

HVAC units are usually connected to the ventilation ducts to distribute the air throughout the house. If you neglect to clean the ducts, dirt may also accumulate in the units, causing them to overheat and limit their operation. Their lifespan could even be shortened. Regular cleaning and filter replacement will preserve all your HVAC equipment and ensure optimal longevity.

Quand devriez-vous nettoyer les conduits de ventilation ?

Several signs should alert you to the condition of your ventilation ducts and prompt you to clean them. The most obvious and alarming indicator is when the occupants of the house gradually develop symptoms of respiratory problems such as coughs and colds. Other more serious signs such as asthma or breathing difficulties are also indicative of air quality problems.

Another sign that your ducts are very dirty and should be cleaned is the appearance of mold in the openings of the ducts leading into the rooms of the house. If the mold becomes apparent around the edges of the openings, it has fully spread into the ducts. The situation could then become tricky and you should not waste any more time, but directly call for cleaning providers as soon as possible.

For periodic cleaning, the ducts can be inspected once a month. When you notice that the dirt is starting to accumulate, you can proceed with the cleaning. If you have just bought a new home, it is advisable to thoroughly clean and disinfect the ducts before moving in.

Comment procéder au nettoyage de vos conduits de ventilation ?

Several steps are usually required to properly clean ventilation ducts.

Inspection de l’état des conduits

The first step is to inspect the ducts. This will give you an idea of their condition and level of fouling. This is also an opportunity for you to determine if mold has developed.

Nettoyage des conduits

Next, the actual cleaning of the ducts must be done. The walls of the ducts should be brushed well and the corners should be reached to dislodge dust and mildew as best as possible. If you do it yourself, use a fine brush to avoid damaging the ducts.

Aspiration de la poussière et de la saleté

The dust and dirt that has been dislodged from the walls should then be vacuumed away. This is the most difficult step if you don’t hire a professional, as you may not have the proper equipment to reach areas away from the openings. A traditional vacuum cleaner may not be suitable.

Désinfection et décontamination

In order to completely sanitize the ducts, it may be necessary to decontaminate them. This step is essential if mold has been detected in your ducts.

Contrôle de la qualité de l’air

Finally, air quality monitoring should be performed to ensure that the ducts are completely clean and that the occupants are safe.

Faites appel à un professionnel pour le nettoyage de vos conduits de ventilation

Generally, it is necessary to call on the services of a professional to clean and inspect your ventilation ducts. A specialized service provider has all the necessary equipment to carry out this task and will also be able to give you advice on the maintenance and repair of your ducts.

Cleaning your ducts yourself may be more economical, but you won’t be able to completely remove the dirt without professional equipment. In the end, you will only clean the areas near the openings, without being able to perform a deep cleaning.