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5 reasons to clean your air exchanger


An air exchanger plays an important role in the circulation of air in the house. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect the maintenance and cleaning of this device. But why is it important to keep your air exchanger well maintained? Find out the main reasons in this article.

Quels éléments nécessitent un nettoyage régulier dans un système d’échangeur d’air ?

First of all, it should be kept in mind that the air exchanger is a whole system and not an isolated device. Thus, at the time of the interview, it is necessary to take into account all the elements that constitute it.

Les filtres

Filters are the first items to be cleaned or replaced when needed. It is through them that the air will be purified and that the dirt in the form of particles will be retained. If you live in a very dusty area with a lot of traffic, these filters need to be replaced more regularly because they get dirty more quickly. Generally, the presence of dirt that accumulates in the air distribution grilles indicates that your filters are no longer performing their function and need to be changed or cleaned.

There are washable and non-washable filters. If your system has the washable models, simply vacuum them, wash them with soap and water, rinse well, and then let them dry before reinstalling. However, if you have non-washable filters, they must be replaced.

Les grilles d’aspiration

Exhaust grills are usually located in rooms and outside the house. They allow, on the one hand, the diffusion of purified air coming from outside towards the interior of the house, and on the other hand, the evacuation of the stale air in each room towards outside.

Over time, the grills will become clogged, especially those on the outside. Dust, leaves and snow can easily clog them, making it difficult for air to circulate. The interior grilles are much less prone to clogging, except when the filters have not been cleaned for a long time. The grills located in the kitchen are the most affected by possible clogging, because of the cooking steam that settles on them in the absence of an extractor hood.

Le récupérateur d’air ou d’énergie

The recuperator is the element which will allow to recover the energy or the heat contained in the air in order to heat the air entering the rooms in winter, or to cool it in summer. It also needs regular cleaning in order to perform its role properly.

The collector can be made of polypropylene or aluminum and should be cleaned at least once a year, just before winter. This element can be delicate, so do not clean it aggressively. Warm water and mild soap are more than enough.

As far as the core is concerned, it is essential not to immerse it in water. Using a vacuum cleaner is the best way to clean it.

Les ventilateurs

The fans are the elements that will create the air fluctuation from the inside to the outside of the house and back. Dirt also tends to accumulate on them, and regular cleaning is necessary.

The dust that settles on the blades is sometimes stubborn and difficult to remove, requiring a powerful vacuum cleaner. That’s why most of the time you need to call a professional to clean an air exchanger.

Les conduits

Finally, dirt from outside air and stale air in the rooms will accumulate in the ducts. It is imperative to clean them thoroughly to avoid clogging your new filters quickly.

The ducts are usually winding and difficult to access. Professionals use sophisticated devices to reach into every nook and cranny and remove every last particle of dust.

Quelle est l’importance du nettoyage régulier de votre échangeur d’air ?

As mentioned above, this device will allow air to circulate from the outside to the inside of the house, and ensure the perpetual renewal of this air. Regular cleaning is therefore crucial.

Assurer la qualité de l’air dans chaque pièce

It is imperative that healthy air circulates in all rooms of the house. A clean air exchanger ensures that the air in your home is of good quality and pleasant to live in. Dirt, dust and pollutants will be retained by the filters and microbes in the house will be regularly evacuated to the outside.

Contrôler l’humidité de l’air

With an optimally functioning air exchanger, you can control the humidity of the air in your home. Indeed, if the warm air in each room does not have an exit, the humidity will increase and the inconveniences that follow may appear. The air exchanger will fight against this accumulation of humidity.

Prévenir les allergies et autres troubles respiratoires

With poor air quality, various respiratory pathologies tend to affect the occupants of the house. Pollutants and allergens are not retained by the filters, and microbes in the rooms are not properly evacuated due to poor air circulation. With a well-cleaned and well-functioning air exchanger, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

Prévenir la formation de moisissure

Mold tends to grow in the ducts of air exchangers. It is a dark area and sometimes prone to humidity because of rainwater that seeps in through the outside grills. If you neglect to clean these ducts, you will have mold and mildew growing throughout your home. However, regular cleaning will prevent this problem from occurring.

Garantir la longévité de votre échangeur d’air

Finally, an air exchanger system that is cleaned regularly will work optimally for many years. You will avoid recurrent breakdowns and you can even anticipate the failure of certain elements thanks to the inspection carried out by the professional at the time of cleaning.