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Ventilo Exp'Air is a specialist in the cleaning and inspection of ducts and ventilation systems that offers reliable and guaranteed quality work according to the standards set by the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association), the Select Pro, LTE Canada, as well as ANCV2020 standards.

In addition to inspections and occasional cleaning of ventilation installations, Ventilo Exp’Air offers a one-year turnkey service guaranteeing the maintenance (filter & antibacterial cleaning) of your air exchangers or furnaces.

Our services
Cleaning of
ventilation ducts

Normally supply grilles (diffusers) are located on the floor near sources of temperature change.

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Cleaning of air conditioning
and wall-mounted heat pumps (A/C)

During their regular operation, dust and bacteria accumulate in the ducts of air conditioners and wall-mounted heat pumps (A/C).

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air exchangers

The air exchangers have 2 exterior ventilation ducts. The functionality of one of these ducts is to draw in outside air to project it into the house.

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Maxime F.
— Project Manager / Estimator
Samia Rafaa
— President
Maxime B.
— Leader